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Your trusted physiotherapy clinic in Waipahu, HI

We can get you back on your feet and enjoying life.

Every client has different needs and we pride ourselves on having the in-depth knowledge and expertise to treat adults from all walks of life for injuries or physical stress they may be experiencing.

At Leeward Physical Therapy experience personalized, professional care in a modern and comforting environment. The specialists at our physiotherapy clinicin Waipahu, HI are committed to offering quality care at affordable rates. Speak with us today to make an appointment.

We focus on neck, back, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, ACL, rotator cuffs, muscle tears, teondons, and sports injuries.  Pediatric services are not available and we also don't serve patients needing neurological recovery.

Management & treatment

treatment at a physiotherapy clinic in Waipahu, HI

It's always best to treat any physical injuries and discomfort as soon as possible. When seeking care to manage those ailments you need a physiotherapy clinic that offers prompt service with a 30 year long proven track record for treatment. At Leeward Physical Therapy in Waipahu, we have the highly qualified and trained medical practitioners who specialize in all areas of physical therapy.

Therapy and rehabilitation

Therapy at our physiotherapy clinic in Waipahu, HI

The road to recovery needs to be handled with care and personalized treatment from a physiotherapy clinic you can trust. Making sure that you return to the vibrant lifestyle you enjoy, our specialists in Waipahu can cater specialized therapy and rehabilitation sessions to your specific physical needs in conjunction with other proven forms of treatment.

Advice and consultation

Advice and consultation at our physiotherapy clinic in Waipahu, HI

After undergoing treatment and care at our physiotherapy clinic, our qualified physiotherapists can offer ongoing consultation in Waipahu to ensure that your recovery is on track. From activities that you can incorporate into your daily life to simple tips we offer complete ongoing care.

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